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India Continues to Drive Global Gold Demand

India imported a staggering 757 tonnes of gold in 2020, making up almost 25% of total global demand for the precious metal, according to the World Gold Council.
Gold Jewelry Market Dominates with 80-85% Share, 22-Carat Dominant, 18-Carat Growing.

The World Gold Council has reported that India's love for gold as a store of value, jewellery, and cultural symbol has continued to drive global gold demand, with the country importing 757 tonnes of gold in 2020. This accounts for nearly a quarter of total global demand, despite a dip in demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the council stated that the recent rise in gold prices and low interest rates have made the precious metal even more attractive as an investment. India's demand for gold remains a key factor in supporting the global gold market.

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