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India Silver Conference 2024 concludes successfully

ISC 2024 served as a cornerstone for the advancement of the silver industry

The successful conclusion of the India Silver Conference 2024 not only marked a significant milestone but also served as a cornerstone for the advancement of the silver industry.


ISC 2024 unfolded as a dynamic forum where more than 260 esteemed participants converged to explore and shape the future of silver. Organized by Eventell Global Advisory Private Limited and supported by the India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd (IBJA) and The Silver Institute, the event delved into an array of pressing topics that encapsulated the industry's multifaceted landscape.


ISC 2024 addressed a wide spectrum of themes: From the advantages of pure silver in manufacturing and the critical examination of impurities on quality and environmental impact, to the exploration of accelerating growth in silver jewellery and strategies for innovation and market expansion in silverware, the conference offered comprehensive insights into various facets of the industry. Moreover, sessions delved into the nuances of silver investment demand, emphasizing the deepening of markets and the integration of silver within investment portfolios.


Over 60% of the delegates felt that silver would trade above 34 USD/Troy Ounce by the end of December 2024. Silver demand in electrical contact applications and solar paste applications in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 15% in the next five years. Setting up of common facility centres at key silver jewellery clusters and exclusive promotion and market access programmes would increase the demand for India-made silver jewellery and articles. From a portfolio point of view, an investment of 4- 7% of one portfolio can be in silver. The lower percentage for short-term investors, while the higher percentage is for long-term investment. Silver investments complement investment in gold.


Notably, the conference recognized excellence by awarding 13 ISC Excellence Awards to standout performers of 2023.


As the India Silver Conference 2024 concluded, the exchange of ideas and insights across various sessions has not only enriched individual perspectives but also sparked a collective momentum towards innovation and progress within the silver industry.

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