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India, Turkiye jewellery industry collaboration

Speaking to GJEPCs Solitaire Cüneyt Yavuzcan, Consul General of Türkiye in Mumbai was optimistic that the collaboration between the Turkish and Indian jewellery industries, bolstered by the effects of free zones and the Customs Union, holds a range of potential benefits. First, this collaboration can lead to an expansion of market access. Türkiye’s proximity to Europe and Asia, combined with India’s historical connections to both regions, positions them advantageously to tap into diverse markets. By collaborating and utilizing free zones strategically, these countries can establish themselves as pivotal trade hubs for the jewellery sector, thus widening their consumer base and driving economic growth.

Second, knowledge and skill exchange can be a significant outcome of this collaboration. The sharing of design techniques, craftsmanship methods, and innovative approaches can propel both industries forward. This exchange can result in jewellery offerings that blend the best of both cultures, appealing to a broader international audience.

Job creation and the nurturing of local economies are additional positive aspects. As trade flourishes and collaboration intensifies, job opportunities are likely to emerge, benefitting artisans, designers, and professionals within the jewellery industry.

Source: GJEPC

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