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Indian representation dazzles at AWDC

In the recently held Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC) elections, five out of six members elected as board of directors are of Indian origin. Over 1309 individuals from Antwerp’s diamond industry cast their votes, a record turnout.

The election results reflect a strong desire for change within the diamond community, as noted by Ravi Bhansali, who highlighted the board's composition as predominantly consisting of first-time members from the next generation. "We are assuming responsibility at a critical juncture for the global diamond industry, which is currently facing significant challenges," Bhansali remarked

Of the 12 directors in the board apart from six elected members representing trade, one member is from union, three representatives of local bourses, one government representative, and one is independent.

Among the six elected members, two members are elected from three different categories. In the first category, those from sales of over 100 million Euro contest and the voters are also from that size company. The second category is 30 to 100 million Euros, and the third is below 30 million Euros.

In the first category, Ravi Bhansali, MD of Rosy Blue, and Isi Mörsel from Dali Diamonds Company, got elected. In the second category, Prakash Patel of Veediam and Hitesh Kakadiya of Sheetal Europe got elected; in the third category, Chirag Shah of Yashvi Diamonds and Samit Mehta of Snehdiam were elected.

Source: TOI

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