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InnovSeed's DiaBot NX can revolutionize rough assortment and traceability

Diamond innovation company InnovSeed has launched a new robotic solution for rough assortment and traceability that works more than five times faster than its predecessor.

The DiaBot NX, powered by advanced AI and robotics, automatically sorts rough diamonds based on color, weight, shape, and fluorescence, at a rate of just 3.7 seconds per stone.

In addition to taking a rough fingerprint it also generates a 3D model and takes 360-degree photos and videos, all without human intervention.

"We not only elevate operational efficiency, but we also raise traceability standards, empowering stakeholders with confidence and transparency," said Mayur Chovatiya, CEO of the company, based in Surat, India.

InnovSeed introduced its first rough sorting robot, DiaBot, two years ago. It says the machines have since scanned more than 3 million diamonds, revolutionizing operations for mines, tender houses, and manufacturers. The original DiaBot could scan a stone in 20 seconds.The new model operates at over five times that speed and handles rough diamonds from melee size up to 10mm.

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