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Instore Magazine highlights the 3 Ring Strategy

Instore Magazine highlights the 3 Ring Strategy

The jewellery industry faces a unique challenge: ensuring couples return for wedding bands post the engagement ring purchase. Instore Magazine recently highlighted the “3 Ring Strategy” which focuses on:

• Engagement Ring: The initial promise

• Wedding Bands: A symbol of commitment

• Strategies to Ensure Return Customers:

Retailers that have successfully employed the “3 Ring Strategy”, employ tactics such as:

• Creating events like wedding band trunk shows

• Maintaining proactive communication with engagement ring customers through CRM systems

• Prominent displays of wedding band ads in stores

• Consistent email marketing promoting wedding bands

• Proactive and personable customer service

• Discounts on wedding bands with engagement ring purchases

• Layaway options

Overall, Instore found that retailers who are proactive about beginning the wedding band conversation win the sale. Severine Ferrari of Engagement 101 highlights the importance of timing by noting, “If you wait too long, then there’s no budget left”. By ensuring wedding bands are part of the conversation either during or after the engagement ring process, retailers can ensure they don’t miss out.



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