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International Clarity Grading Standards - A Seminar by IIG 12th April, 2019

On 12th April, Mr. Rahul Desai, CEO IIG conducted a seminar on the “International Clarity

Grading Standards” at their head office in Opera House. He spoke about the various International and Indian grading standards like CIBJO, AGS, IDC etc. He also spoke about the VGS - Venus Grading System as IIG is one of the only institute authorised to teach about Venus Grading System. Mr. Desai plans on hosting various more seminars like this to helps the students and industry enthusiasts to gain as much knowledge as possible.

About IIG

Founded in Mumbai, the International Institute of Gemology (IIG), powered by SRDC, has been one of India’s premier gemological institutes since 1965 and is helmed by Managing Director, Mr Rahul Desai. IIG is affiliated with the University of Mumbai, having trained 1,00,000 students since its inception. It offers practical, market-oriented training in a variety of courses on gems, diamonds, and jewellery designing and merchandising. The institute is one of the few in India to offer training in rough diamond assortment. It is also the sole tutor of the Venus Grading System, a highly precise system of diamond grading devised by leading diamond manufacturers Venus Jewels.

Courtesy - IIG

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