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JCK 2023:Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability

JCK started its Industry Fund in 1997, which has overall donated $7 million to und grants to organizations devoted to improving inclusion, sustainable practices, building schools and giving back to developing countries that are involved in the industry and much more.

Significantly, JCK created a specific grant for Diversity and Inclusion-related causes. The first recipient of this grant was the Black in Jewelry Coalition (BIJC) an organization focused on creating a platform for this underrepresented group within the jewelry industry. This year, $350,000 was donated to deserving organizations.

“Since 2021, Bachmann relates, “JCK has partnered with the Black in Jewelry Coalition (BIJC), Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) and Natural Diamond Council (NDC) to showcase emerging BIPOC designers and give them a platform to network, connect with new customers and to launch or grow their businesses with JCK’s thousands of attendees.” JCK’s intention, she continues, “is to support designers’ business growth and, whenever possible, help them launch their businesses.” This focus she adds, “Continues to evolve and grow.”

According to Bachmann, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and sustainability are top priorities of the JCK organization and of the show. As Bachmann explains, “This is why we base an entire track of our JCK Talks program on DEI as well as Sustainability. There is much to be learned from professional perspectives and how diverse and sustainable practices are shaping the future of our industry. At JCK,” she continues, the goal of JCK Talks is for attendees to take home content of the Talks and put it into practice in their retail stores and business practices.”

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