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Jewellers ride the Ram Mandir wave; coins, souvenirs launched

Gold and silver are adding lustre to the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, with several top national jewellers and bullion agents making customized souvenirs and memorabilia for devotees visiting the shrine.

From gold and silver coins depicting the Ram Darbar to Ramayana-inspired jewellery and miniatures of the new temple complex in Ayodhya, several large brands are in the process of launching their spiritual collections over the next few weeks.

Kalyan Jewellers, one of the largest gold retailers in the country, will be opening a store in Ayodhya early in February. This showroom will have silver and gold coins from 4 – 30 grams on which Lord Rama will be the main deity.

“The coin collection is specifically for our Ayodhya showroom because when customers come to Ayodhya, they would love to take a souvenir back for which our showroom will have these kinds of coins displayed at the store,” said Ramesh Kalyanaraman, executive director.

He expects a lot of walk-ins at the store given the brand’s credibility and the town’s potential as a pilgrimage centre. The company will also be adding collections focused on Lord Rama and Sita to its existing temple-based jewellery brand, Nimah.Kolkata-based Senco Gold and Diamonds will also be launching a ‘SiyaRam’ collection of pendants and necklaces, which will be focused on the deities and the temple design. “The Ramayana has shaped our value culture, and the jewellery aims to reflect the story of the ideal leader, wife, brother and worshipper,” said Joita Sen, the head of design and marketing at the firm.”It is a very happy occasion, and we are looking to immortalize these memories,”she said.

Digital platform Augmont Gold for All, meanwhile, has launched a ‘Shree Ram Mandir Coin Kit’ for a little over ₹52,000, which apart from a seven-gram gold coin, will include a miniature of the temple, and a piece of the Ayodhya turf.

“India has a history of commemorating days, and this event’s sanctity is at a different level altogether,” said Harish Bijoor, an independent business and brand strategy specialist.

“When it comes to gold, silver and jewellery, the connect is pretty close, and a fair number of people would want to immortalise the day. We anyway have specific days when we think it is auspicious to buy gold, and at this point, it becomes an investment as well,” he said.

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