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Jewellery brands searching for stars to light up their brand

There is a serious shortage of stars! Not in universe, but film stars/ celebrities as brand ambassadors for the jewellery industry.And the cost of acquisition of a star is becoming commercially unviable.

Jewellery brands are scrambling to get new celebrity endorsements, both at the national and regional level, sparking a spike in celebrity fees and stringent terms and conditions. But the demand is skewed in favour of glamour icons.

A senior executive of a prominent jewellery brand, asking not to be identified, said the asking price of big stars is roughly around ₹8 crore a day. "It's becoming unviable for the business. Even at this hefty price, they are reluctant to give more than three days in a year to the brand they are endorsing, won't change costumes more than two times on the day of shooting, and won't work more than eight hours on that day including traffic time.

While Madhuri Dixit charges ₹1 crore for 8 hrs, newer generation actresses like Kiara Advani charges ₹1.5-2 crore per day which includes photoshoot, opening of stores and attending events related to the brand.

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