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Jewellery Karigars now get to ‘sign’ on jewels, an initiative of P Mangatram Jewellers

When there can be ‘signature’ dishes and ‘signature’ dance moves, why can’t there by ‘signature’ jewellery pieces? Or rather jewellery pieces with a signature? Literally? Hyderabad based jeweller P Mangatram Jewellers has announced this week that it has decided to celebrate artisanship by releasing handcrafted designs accompanied by a signature of the artisan who makes the jewellery. Sanjay Gulabani, Director, P. Mangatram Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. said, “We pay tribute to the wonder of artisanal excellence, the real gems of the jewellery industry. Ever since our inception, we have been nurturing homegrown talent as they are ones who understand the core value of jewellery craft. Economic empowerment of these karigars has always been very dear to us. We strive to provide the best environment, financial assistance, equipment and qualitative training to boost their creativity. Every piece of our collection is a signature of human touch, an endeavour to preserve the heritage of handmade jewellery. We owe every bit of our success to our karigars as they are the souls of our enterprise”

“Each of the karigars at P Mangatram Jewellers works with the latest equipment, dedicated workstations and fully air-conditioned cubicles. The company provides skill development workshops, periodic health checkups and medical insurance,” he added. The artisans draw fixed salary, incentives and employees related benefits. To further upgrade their skills, especially to meet the demands of international clients, they have been given extensive training on the latest techniques, the jeweller informs.

P Mangatram Jewellers, known for creating the world’s lightest necklace weighing just 3.5 grams, said it also brought in more female artisans in what was once considered male-dominated sector. The company said it locates distressed woman, trains and deploys them in the workplace community. Today woman account for 25% of artisans employed and they deserve all the celebrations and empowerment. The training is spearheaded by expert karigars who have had experience working on various technical aspects of handmade jewellery. The company plans to set up a department for woman artisans where they will learn how to design demand-driven products to be sold in local and international markets. It has recently launched two new divisions – Meraki and PureGrams.

Courtesy - AOJ News Desk



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