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JGAA showcases African Jewellers at Milano Fashion and Jewels International Trade Show

The Jewellery and Gemstone Association of Africa (“JGAA”) announces its participation in the "Visionaries" exhibition at the Milano Fashion and Jewels International Trade Show, from February 18th to 21st, 2024, at Fiera Milano (Rho).

The “Visionaries” exhibition, a collaboration between Milano Fashion & Jewels and Poli.Design, invited jewellers to interpret themes predicting future industry trends. Among the selected participants were JGAA Project Support Partner schools - Nsanshi Art, Zambia, the Cairo Center for Contemporary Jewellery and JGAA tutors Lisa Slovis Mandel, Bianca Hussein and Lenique Louis. The categories for submission included "JUST FOR FUN" and "MAKE THE ORDINARY, EXTRA-ORDINARY."

The Milano Fashion and Jewels International Trade Show stands as the sole event exclusively dedicated to accessories, apparel, and jewellery. The inclusion of Africa in the “Visionaries” exhibition highlights Milano Fashion & Jewels' commitment to fostering a global design and trend think tank. The representation of a cohort of jewellers from the Continent is a significant step towards increased participation and visibility of African jewellers.

The Jewellery and Gemstone Association of Africa is the first jewellery and gemstone association with African economic development at its core. JGAA service areas support enhanced jewellery training, gemstone and business education to foster skill development and economic transformation. The association is an Observer Member of the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). JGAA collaborates with the African Center for Economic Transformation, a leading poverty alleviation think tank based in Accra, Ghana, to inform its capacity building initiatives.

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