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Largest sourcing hub for jewellery machinery and allied products worldwide

Jewellery Machinery & Allied India International Expo (JMAIIE 3.0), organized by KNC Services along with JMA Forum, will be held from 9-12 February , 2024 at Hall No. 4, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai.

JMAIIE is the largest sourcing hub for jewellery machinery and allied products worldwide, promoting a "Make in India" initiative. The show will feature top buyers interested in attending and fostering potential partnerships. The event aims to showcase excellence in jewellery machinery and enhance technology for the jewellery industry, presenting a unique opportunity to strengthen international connections and foster collaborations.

 Show Highlights:

  • 250+ companies, including overseas participants.

  • 400+ Stalls

  • 8000+ visitors (National and International)

  • The JMAIIE Excellence Awards: Special Categories and Lifetime Achievement

  • Networking Evening


Kranti Nagvekar, Founder & CEO- KNC Services commenting on JMAIIE and KNC’s initiatives said, “As an outward looking industry, we are constantly focused on business prospects beyond our borders. The gem & jewellery industry, which is one of the bright stars of the economy, will get a head start in these regions. We are already witnessing remarkable growth in exports to UAE, Saudi Arabia and many more countries, to help the Indian economy and boost the Jewellery market. We are introducing the latest technology in our upcoming show JMAIIE - to showcase their expertise and new technology machines from all over the world.

I am happy that the KNC is organising exhibitions to promote India-made gems & jewellery across the world. These activities have ensured consistent demand for our products and have elevated the global perception of ‘Made in India’ jewellery and machinery.

JMAIIE 2024 will be large and unique --the ultimate show of Machinery & Allied Industry. I am confident that JMAIIE 2024 will give a perfect start to the industry, being the first show of the calendar year.

 I wish everyone a successful JMAIIE 2024!”

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