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Jos Alukkas releases TV commercial on HUID awareness

Jos Alukkas, , has entered into the second phase of HUID (Hallmark Unique Identification) campaign after the Central Government had made the six digit hallmarking mandatory a couple of months ago.

As part of the campaign, Jos Alukkas has become the first jewellery group in the country to release a TV commercial on HUID awareness. The Kerala based jewellery group also conducted an exchange fest for exchanging old gold jewellery with new HUID hallmarked jewellery.

Hundreds of people availed Jos Alukkas Exchange Offer to change their old ornaments into HUID marked new jewellery.

“India is a country where lakhs of people buy gold ornaments every day. But unfortunately, only three percent of them have awareness about HUID. Jos Alukkas has hugely invested in the HUID awareness programmes,” says Jos Alukka, Chairman of Jos Alukkas Group.

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