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JSA Warns Jewelers of Power-Cut Break-Ins

The Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) has issued a “code red” warning ahead of Thursday’s July 4 celebrations in the US.

The New York-based association, which provides crime information and assistance to jewelers across America, has warned that power interruptions at jewelry stores is a “red flag” for a break-in. Holidays such as July 4 are particularly “high-risk,” it said in a crime alert late last week.

The JSA has identified over 50 cases to date in 2019 where burglars have cut power supplies to US jewelry stores ahead of a break-in.

Typical methods used include accessing the exterior electrical panel to disable alarms and camera systems. Burglars will then wait to observe police or other responders arriving, and will remain until they have departed and until backup batteries have been exhausted.

Suspects may also cut through roofs or break into the jewelry store from a neighboring business, JSA said. In some cases, suspects may even cut power to several jewelry stores in the same area, waiting to observe the response time before identifying the best store to target.

The association has urged any store experiencing a power cut to notify JSA, which is actively working with law enforcement to monitor the situation. It has also recommended that jewelers should always respond to cases of power interruptions at their stores, and should have sufficient employees listed with their alarm company to cover holidays, weekends and vacations.

Jewelers should regularly inspect their electrical box, it added, reporting any sign of tampering to both the police and JSA.

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