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Kalyan Jewellers’ 5 Best Jewellery pieces for Pongal

Celebrated amidst a lot of fanfare, Pongal marks the New Year in Tamil Nadu and is known for extravagant celebrations, filled with traditions and excitement. The festival brings its share of joy and gives people a chance to flaunt their finest jewels.

On this auspicious occasion, Kalyan Jewellers brings you the top 5 jewellery picks from their stunning festive collection. Explore these exquisitely crafted pieces of jewellery, each more precious than the other and get ready to look your very best this Pongal!

This classic pair of gold bangles from Kalyan Jewellers, embedded with rubies that are delicately placed in a symmetrical floral pattern, is the most elegant addition to complement your traditional attire this Pongal. Versatile in its look, these balas are the perfect heirloom jewellery pieces that can be passed on from one generation to another.

Manga Malai, a traditional south Indian necklace with mango shaped motifs adds the perfect touch of charm to your traditional outfit. Dainty rubies and emeralds placed alternatively above the motifs add color to this gorgeous, statement kaluttani (necklace). Pair it with a beautiful silk saree for the most elegant and classic look this Pongal.

This intricately detailed bangle is the perfect addition to complete your traditional look. Inspired by the temple design, the motif of Goddess Lakshmi is adjacently graced with a flower along with delicate red rubies that serve as a beautiful contrast to this traditional gold kadas and complements the whole design.

This temple inspired necklace from Kalyan Jewellers has Goddess Lakshmi gracing her lotus throne at the heart of the necklace. Surrounded with intricate leaflets and deep seated with rubies and emeralds, this grandeur necklace has a very distinct and royal look. The dangling pearl motis at the bottom add the final sparkle of elegance to this kaluttani (necklace).

Earrings are an integral part of every woman’s jewellery collection and this piece is special in its design- with Goddess Lakshmi at the very centre. Taking inspiration from Tamil Nadu’s fauna, a duo of peacocks, shielding Lakshmi mata on either side, adds to the magnificence of the earrings. The embedded rubies and emeralds, along with the dangling pearl motis, make this piece look so effervescent and vibrant.

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