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Kalyan Jewellers celebrates India Independence Day with India’s ‘Stories of Courage’

Kalyan Jewellers, unveils its Independence Day campaign film, a heartfelt tribute to the nation's armed forces for their unwavering service, sacrifice, and commitment. Commemorating the 76th Independence Day, the brand presents a captivating tale of fortitude, elegance, and perseverance that has contributed to shaping India's indomitable spirit.

The film's poignant narrative takes audiences on an emotive odyssey, not only highlighting the unyielding resolve of our soldiers and their families but also challenging age-old societal norms. From the film's captivating opening scene, where the beautiful Regina Cassandra dons bridal elegance, to its closing moments where she dons a uniform, dutifully answering the call of service, a surprising plot twist deftly reverses traditional gender roles. This transformation underscores the film's central message – that a woman can embody both grace and strength in equal measure.

The ad film masterfully depicts dignity and grace entwined with unyielding strength, all the while emphasizing the paramount importance of collective responsibility and gender-neutral involvement in shaping the nation's destiny. A potent reminder that bravery knows no gender boundaries and strength is an inherent trait within all individuals.

The film's artistry shines not just in its compelling storyline, but also in the nuanced, subdued acting that powerfully resonates with the audience through expressions and gestures.

As the Independence Day Month coincides with the 200th showroom launch of brand Kalyan Jewellers, the company has announced exciting discounts and offers to commemorate this momentous occasion. As part of its ‘Celebrating 200 Showrooms’ campaign, customers can avail up to 25% off on making charges on all gold jewellery purchases*, and on studded jewellery purchases a flat discount of 25% off can be availed on stone value*. Customers will be entitled to receive a raffle coupon on every purchase from Kalyan Jewellers and 200 lucky customers chosen through an electronic raffle draw will win a 2-gram gold coin.

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