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Kinjal Rajpriya stars in Kalyan Jewellers' Uttarayan ad film

Kalyan Jewellers has unveiled its digital ad campaign celebrating the occasion of Uttarayan. The one-of-its-kind digital campaign features Kalyan Jewellers’ brand ambassador for the state of Gujarat – Kinjal Rajpriya. The campaign film beautifully captures the vibrancy and excitement associated to the festive occasion, from the timeless tradition of flying kites marking the festivities to symbolizing the new beginnings.

Marking the start of this auspicious time, the ad film conveys a message highlighting that - ‘While one may not control the wind, one can certainly tether the kite’; underscoring the cultural nuances associated to the festival of Makar Sankranti. It emphasizes that while external factors are uncontrollable, one can chart their destiny by making conscious decisions with determination and purpose. The film cleverly intertwines cultural traditions of Makar Sankranti with the daily struggles of today's generation, highlighting the resilience needed for a meaningful ascent.

Kalyan Jewellers’ regional brand ambassador for the state of Gujarat – Kinjal Rajpriya is seen wearing exquisitely crafted lightweight jewellery from the company’s Sankalp collection – which includes designs that pay tribute to the regional ethos of Gujarat. Aligned with the company’s ethos, Kalyan Jewellers encourages all to embrace the essence of the festival, welcoming the winds of change to elevate collective spirits.

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