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Kiran Gems relocates to SDB

Kiran Gems, one of the world’s leading diamond manufacturers, has shifted its global headquarters to the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB), a sprawling new complex that houses over 4,000 diamond traders and exporters. The move marks a significant milestone for the diamond industry, as Surat is widely regarded as the hub of diamond cutting and polishing.

The company said that the relocation was driven by its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and strategic growth. It added that Surat’s rich heritage in diamond craftsmanship, along with its modern infrastructure at the SDB, aligns with Kiran Gems’ vision of excellence and advancement.

The company’s new office boasts of an intricately planned infrastructure that creates an optimal environment for conducting business.

Dinesh Lakhani, Global Director of Kiran Gems, said, “Surat Diamond Bourse provides an ideal environment for us to continue our legacy of crafting the world’s most exquisite diamonds while embracing innovation and sustainability.” He added that the company’s effort to support the SDB’s initiative to serve the global diamond trade was dedicated to this cause and to its customers.

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