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~ As a part of the rapid expansion plans for 2023, KISNA launches its first showroom in Uttar Pradesh~

Ayodhya, 20th January 2023: KISNA, from Hari Krishna Group enters the economically progressive state of Uttar Pradesh with the launch of its first showroom in the city of Ayodhya. With this new showroom launch, KISNA takes rapid steps in fulfilling its promise and vision of making diamond jewellery accessible to all modern Indian women. Addressing local preferences and tastes, the latest showroom houses everyday wear modern as well as traditional diamond jewellery. Starting off the first showroom launch in Uttar Pradesh with a noble cause, KISNA distributed 50 sewing machines to underprivileged women from Jeevan Jyoti Seva Sansthan at the launch, empowering them to shine bright like a Heera and build a future for themselves.

LtoR - Mr. Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder & MD, Hari Krishna Group, Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Brajesh Pathak, Mr. Parag Shah, Director, KISNA Diamond & Gold Jewellery at the KISNA showroom launch in Ayodhya, the first ever in Uttar Pradesh

The showroom was inaugurated by honorable Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak joined by Mr. Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder & Managing Director, Hari Krishna Group and Mr. Parag Shah, Director, KISNA Diamond and Gold Jewellery.

Established in 2005, KISNA pioneered with its distribution driven model – with a current footprint of 3500 + showrooms across the country making it the largest distributed diamond jewellery brand in India. KISNA launched three showrooms in Siliguri, Hyderabad and Hisar in 2022. Ayodhya marks their fourth showroom, and the first in the state of Uttar Pradesh, further paving new grounds for its rapid franchise expansion plans across India.

Speaking on the first KISNA showroom launch in Ayodhya, Mr. Ghanshyam Dholakia said, “We are happy to take forward the legacy of Hari Krishna Group and launch KISNA in the state of Uttar Pradesh. With the heritage and expertise that the Hari Krishna Group and KISNA bring, we feel there is great scope for business growth in north India and cater to the growing demands of our consumers. Launching our first showroom in Ayodhya, we aim to make diamonds accessible to all and envision KISNA to be a partner and confidante to every woman at various moments in her life.

Brajesh Pathak, Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh at the franchise launch said, “It is good to see Hari Krishna Group bring pride to the country by strengthening the agenda of Make in India, establishing a strong Indian presence in the global jewellery market. It is an honor to welcome KISNA, from the Hari Krishna Group, in our city. KISNA has been making beautiful diamond jewellery accessible to Indian women for 18 years and it is a pleasure to be a part of their showroom launch in Ayodhya.”

Parag Shah added, “We are happy to announce our foray into Uttar Pradesh with the launch of our first KISNA showroom in Ayodhya. The jewellery market in Uttar Pradesh witnessed an upswing last year and the new KISNA showroom in Ayodhya aims at catering to this growing demand of consumers, looking for diamond jewellery for all occasions. Having launched three showrooms in Siliguri, Hyderabad and Hisar we are now opening up our flagship showroom in Ayodhya. We aim to be the fastest growing diamond jewellery brand in India and make every women’s dream of owning a diamond jewellery come true. We look forward to offering KISNA to our discerning customers and will continue to enhance their overall shopping experience.”

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