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Know Your Jewellery Designer

What inspires you the most when designing a piece of jewellery?

" Jewellery Conceptualiser"

Exploring my own potential inspires me the most. Making productive use of my time & growing with it is the key. Stagnation is both boring & scary. Every time I stretch myself in leisure, God throws a snowball at me at reminds me that I'm here to go much farther...

It was in 2015, that I launched my baby, my creation - The Classic Original Collection of Inscribed Soulful Jewellery from The House of Nirvair Jewels. My dad always told me that it would be the Religious Jewellery segment that would take my brand to the next level, and with God's grace so it has been. This concept was first created out of sheer instinct . I wanted to design something personalized and soulful, which led me to create this Gold Kada inscribed with a line from our Holy book, The Guru Granth Sahibji, which meant prosperity and well-being. Little did I know that this would strike an immediate connect with everyone who saw it. After realising a potential market for this and the encouragement from people closely associated, I started looking at ways to expand and build this product line as a brand.

Courtesy - JFM Desk



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