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Larry West buys Alrosa’s 6.21-carat fancy intense pink purple diamond

New York-based diamond collector Larry West, owner of New York’s L.J. West Diamonds, has purchased a 6.21-carat cushion cut Fancy Intense Pink Purple diamond unearthed by Alrosa at Yakutia.

“As global production declines, pink diamonds will become rarer and thus more valuable”, Larry West is quoted in a press release. “This is the first diamond from Russia that I have bought directly from Alrosa. It possesses excellent characteristics and will certainly take a worthy place in my collection”.

Rebecca Foerster, President of Alrosa USA, said that Alrosa “may well become a world leader in the colored diamonds market”, adding: “Alrosa’s deposits are known not only for their colorless diamonds, but also for a variety of rough colored diamonds. Our cutter’s unique skills allow us to turn them into high-quality diamonds”. Courtesy - Israeli Diamond Industry News

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