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PM Modi gifts a ‘Made in India’ 7.5-carat lab-grown diamond to Dr. Jill Biden

The lab-grown diamond represents India's unwavering commitment to a greener world

It was a historic day for the Indian diamond industry as PM Modi presented the talent and work of the gems and jewellery industry by presenting a beautiful 7.5-carat lab-grown diamond to the first lady of the US. The piece - a fine art, crafted with remarkable precision adorned in a box that holds a tale of extraordinary significance, woven with threads of innovation, sustainability, and the unbreakable bond between nations. The lab-grown diamond has paved the path to India’s venture into sustainable production and consumption even within the luxury sector.

Huge employment creator

Apart from the aviation sector providing tons of jobs to the US market. India’s foray into sustainability within the Gems and Jewellery industry especially the lab-grown diamond industry has become a significant generator of employment, with the potential to create 1 million jobs. This thriving sector provides not only economic opportunities but also offers a standard livelihood to approximately 4 million individuals.

India’s Green Initiative

India’s lab-grown diamond industry also addresses pressing environmental concerns. When compared to mined diamonds, the lab-grown diamond carbon footprint stands at a commendable 1199.79gm/ct, and the water usage against mined diamonds is as high as 817.5 gallons. Emphasizing on the contribution to people and the environment.

Speaking on the development, Colin Shah, MD, Kama Jewelry said, “We as an industry endeavor to take this up as an opportunity to let this beautiful piece of art, resonating the likes of many Indians stories, ignite a spark of new beginnings. The lab-grown diamond is a statement that adheres not only to a symbol of luxury, but an embodiment of inclusivity, sustainability, and the power of synchronization. Today’s development will help us march on towards the path of great success for India’s Gems and Jewellery specifically the Lab – Grown Diamond sector with humungous outcomes.”

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