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LGD Report from JCK LAS VEGAS 2024

LGD retailers report raising prices to consumers. After a research effort revealed that major LGD ecomm were raising prices for (undoubtedly in an effort to improve bottom line results), mid major retailers and independents are now raising their prices to capture more margin. There are less retailers attending the show this year but the LGD exhibitors continue to write business and draw significant traffic. Without the lab-grown diamond exhibitors this show would be very slow.

LGD exhibitors invest heavily in their show booths. In a sign that LGD growers and manufacturers are in it for the long haul and gaining significant value from vertical integration, their spend on booth real estate has grown significantly at this show.

Female empowerment gains importance in lab-grown diamond sustainability components. As the LGD category gains more credibility with female members of the international jewelry trade (and self-purchasing female consumers globally), they are insisting on learning more about how key prime growers and LGD jewelry manufacturers are empowering women in their communities with mid to upper level career opportunities.

Hard work and due diligence by the LGD prime growers in the development of fancy color diamonds has paid off at this show with retailers seeing and purchasing quality fancy color LGD loose polished and finished jewelry for the first time.

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