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LGD retail prices falling slower than wholesale prices

Retail prices of lab-grown diamonds are falling slower than wholesale prices and often remain at “unsustainable” levels, De Beers chief financial officer Sarah Kuijlaars.

The executive’s comments come after De Beers’ synthetics brand, Lightbox, launched a trial of engagement rings with the purported aim of offering “accessible” prices.

“It’s very good to see that the wholesale price is really coming down — halving and halving and halving again,” Kuijlaars said an interview Thursday. “That’s healthy. But on the retail side, it’s a bit more sticky and [the question is] how do we ensure that consumers are making informed choices in the store?”

She reiterated Lightbox’s explanation that its entry into the bridal sector was a response to retailers pushing consumers toward man-made stones with misleading information.

Source :Rapaport News.

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