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Loupe Insight - Delving with Rahul Desai: A quick-take podcast for the G&J Industry

Rahul Desai, Managing Director and CEO of the International Institute of Gemology (IIG), is excited to announce the launch of his new podcast, Loupe Insight - Delving with Rahul Desai dedicated to the Gem and Jewelry industry. The podcast aims to provide listeners with a crisp and insightful overview of key industry topics in convenient 10-minute audio episodes.

Understanding the demanding schedules of industry professionals, Mr. Desai has crafted each episode to be brief, yet packed with essential information. The first ten episodes delve into technical industry topics like gemology, jewelry design, state-of-the-art tools, and the fascinating world of diamonds. As the podcast evolves, upcoming episodes will shift focus towards jewelry retailers, offering valuable insights into enhancing customer experience and optimizing business strategies. Topics will include effective merchandising, inventory control & management, and the transformative role of AI in the retail sector.

With a wealth of experience and a heart for mentorship, Mr. Rahul Desai has led IIG to new heights, building a robust network of professionals from diverse backgrounds. He has worked closely with retailers and corporates and collaborated with colleges through domestic and international partnerships. His extensive experience includes mentoring over 100,000 students globally, helping them realize their visions and build successful careers.

“I do not want to reinvent the wheel, but want to have an original take on popular industry topics,” says Mr. Rahul Desai. “I’m incredibly excited to share my journey and insights through this podcast. It’s a fantastic way to give back to the industry by providing tips and strategies that will help everyone, from students to seasoned professionals, succeed and thrive.”

The podcast is also open for guest participation. Retailers are welcome to discuss their experiences, challenges, and successes. Loupe Insight - Delving with Rahul Desai is a platform for collaboration and learning, reflecting Rahul’s commitment to giving back to society and supporting the industry's development.

Tune in to the podcast and join Rahul Desai as he dives into the fascinating world of gems and jewelry. For more information or to express interest in being a guest, please contact

Loupe Insight - Delving with Rahul Desai is available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Castbox fm.

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