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Lucara recovers 1,080.1 ct diamond from Karowe, in Botswana

It's the fourth +1,000-ct stone from Karowe, in Botswana, since the mine opened in 2012.The Type IIa top white gem quality diamond measures 82.2m x 42.8m x 34.2mm and was recovered from direct milling of ore sourced from the mine's South Lobe.

Eira Thomas, CEO of the Canadian miner, said the company was "extremely pleased" to be reporting the recovery of another large, high-quality gem, and was hopeful its underground expansion plan (costing $683m) would yield even more.She said: As we progress mining deeper in the open pit and transition to underground mining, exclusively in the South Lobe, the preponderance of large, high value stones is increasing, consistent with the resource model and underpins the strong economic rationale for investing in the underground expansion that will extend the mine-life out to at least 2040."

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