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Meet Viren Bhagat: The hidden gem behind a Rs 116-cr neckpiece

A New York auction last month made headlines with its spectacular collection of jewelled weapons, diamonds and rubies that once belonged in the treasure chests of royals.

Part of the sale were three contemporary pieces. Each of them sold for a small fortune — the highest price of $16.95 million (Rs 116 crore) was fetched by a five-strand natural pearl and diamond necklace.

The jeweller who is credited with having created this exquisite piece is Mumbai-based Viren Bhagat, whose works see high monies, but he prefers to keep a low profile. In fact, a detailed piece on him from a few years ago referred to Bhagat as someone “virtually unknown outside a tiny circle of connoisseurs and clients”.

Bhagat’s working style veers far away from the norm. Apparently, he accepts no creative input from clients, and no work is undertaken on commission. He does not delegate any aspects of design, creating about 60 pieces a year. He works with, what he calls, a “limited palette” of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, spinels and natural pearls, using platinum, instead of gold, for his settings.

Bhagat has said in an earlier interview, “I’m an emotional buyer as well as an emotional designer. I follow my heart. And it usually leads me in the right direction.”

Courtesy - Economic Times



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