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Mercedes-Benz unveils limited edition of the G-Class-- “Stronger Than Diamonds”

Mercedes-Benz is unveiled a limited edition release of the iconic G-Class, aptly named the “Stronger Than Diamonds” edition. Limited to just 300 units worldwide, this exclusive model based on the G 550 promises to dazzle enthusiasts with its luxurious features and unique design elements.

The Stronger Than Diamonds Edition is a true symbol of everlasting beauty, elevated by the timeless allure of diamonds. Its standout feature is the bespoke Manufaktur Rosewood Grey Magno paint, a captivating hue crafted exclusively for this edition, featuring subtle pink undertones that add a touch of romance to the rugged G-Class aesthetic.

Adding to its allure, each of the four stainless steel door locking pins is adorned with a sparkling 0.25-carat diamond, while the exterior door handles proudly display an embossed diamond logo, exuding elegance from every angle.

Inside the cabin, indulgence awaits with sumptuous Manufaktur Black Nappa Leather upholstery accented by Rosé contrast stitching, creating a sophisticated ambiance. The interior also features luxurious deep-pile floor mats and bespoke Stronger Than Diamonds branding on the front passenger grab handle and illuminated door sills, adding a bespoke touch to the opulent surroundings.

To complete the package, each G-Class Stronger Than Diamonds Edition comes with a custom indoor car cover featuring a special design, ensuring the vehicle is always protected in style. Additionally, buyers can rest assured knowing that the diamonds adorning their G-Class are responsibly sourced, thanks to a certificate from the Responsible Jewelry Council included with every purchase.

With its limited production and exclusive features, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Stronger Than Diamonds Edition is the perfect way to make a lasting impression this Valentine’s Day.

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