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Metahuman artist MonoC undergoes a “gemorphosis” after falling in love with rubies

Gemfields, a world-leading responsible miner and marketer of coloured gemstones, announces a collaboration with MonoC, the world’s first metahuman artist. This collaboration will employ a surreal virtual perspective to explore the meanings associated with rubies, highlighting their strong connection with love over a two-part film. This first collaboration with a virtual artist is a new approach for Gemfields, and provides a novel way to increase awareness and desire for coloured gems.

The two-part film follows MonoC as she visits the gemstone mine, before following a couple, deeply in love. When she watches their love blossom, she becomes aware of the connection between rubies and passion, with a quickened heartbeat and the red of blood rushing through our veins, and that the rarity of these gemstones is as special as finding “the one” to share a life with. Adopting the surreal and artistic style of MonoC, we are able to conceptualise the couple’s love, watching the feeling take the form of a ruby gemstone as unique and special as their love.

This ‘gemorphosis’ is captured in the two-part film, and we are able to see that the ruby on MonoC’s finger serves as a lasting reminder of the magical, deep feelings of love and passion.

In addition to the two-part film, Gemfields has launched an interactive WeChat mini app for Chinese consumers, designed by MonoC and named GEMORPHOSIS. The mini programme allows each user to find their own virtual ruby, which is generated by measuring their heartbeat frequency on their mobile device. GEMORPHOSIS then provides consumers with wearable inspiration by nominating a Fabergé x Gemfields ring that best matches their virtual ruby.

China is the largest jewellery market in the world, with many consumers interested in coloured gemstones. A report on Chinese ruby consumption trends, which Gemfields launched in January 2024, found that awareness of and desirability for rubies are high in the China market.

Furthermore, respondents were found to regard red as a symbol of passion and life and favoured ruby designs that were versatile and could be integrated into everyday life.

“Collaborating with MonoC has enabled us to adopt a surrealist perspective to explore the powerful feelings that can be evoked by the meaningful gift of a gemstone,” said Emily Dungey, Gemfields’ marketing and communications director. “This two-part film explores the profound

symbolism of love, and the natural fit for ruby as its keepsake. Rubies are instinctively symbolic of passion, emotion and the connection some of us are lucky enough to forge with the one we love.”

From ancient times to the present day, rubies have been cherished for their rarity and rich red colour. Known as the "King of Gemstones", rubies have been aptly described as “the heart of Mother Earth,” having formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface some 500 million years ago.

Gemfields responsibly mines Mozambican rubies, in keeping with its core brand value of operating with transparency, legitimacy and integrity.

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