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Mined diamonds generate less carbon than lab-grown: DPA

The Diamond Producers’ Association (DPA) has released the results of a comprehensive investigation into the impact of diamond mining.

The report titled Total Clarity: The Reality Of Modern Diamond Mining, examines the environmental and human impact of the world’s seven largest diamond-producing companies: ALROSA, De Beers, Dominion, Lucara, Petra, Rio Tinto and RZM (the majority owner of Murowa Diamond Mines).

It was independently carried out by Trucost, and estimated carbon dioxide emissions at 160kg per polished carat – the equivalent of driving 628km in a standard car. This figure is 69 per cent less per carat than synthetic diamonds, which require huge amounts of energy to produce in factories.

The finding adds weight to recent criticism of synthetics and their ‘green’ credentials. Additionally, the report found that diamond mining from DPA members generated US$16 billion in socioeconomic benefits.

These included boosting local employment, providing more than 77,000 jobs and paying around 66 per cent above national average salaries, as well as contributing to government taxes and royalties and investing in infrastructure.

Jean-Marc Lieberherr, CEO of the DPA, said, “This independent research report breaks outdated stereotypes and misconceptions and identifies the next set of challenges that must be met to continue to evolve and improve as an industry. It also provides a baseline for industry participants and observers to track future progress.”

Courtesy - AOJ

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