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Mosaique Collection by Irasva Fine Jewellery

Mosaique's elegant jewels, crafted with translucent vitrous enamel, capture the many facets of you. As light dances through the enamel, revealing hidden depths, these pieces become a captivating invitation to discover all you are waiting to unveil.


Mosaique, inspired by sun-kissed stained glass, showcases hand-crafted mastery through the "Plique-à-jour" ((French for "letting in daylight") technique. Translucent enamel, meticulously hand-applied between the gold framework compartments, the enamel is suspended in a web of metal allowing the light to shine through. Mosaique embraces a lighter palette, seamlessly blending western motifs with Indian artistry. Plique-à-jour is a highly skilled and time-consuming technique. The intricate framework and the fragility of the enamel during firing make it a true testament to the artist's patience and expertise.


Mosaique is an invitation to let the light dance through your soul, reflecting the magic within. Every piece is a symphony of design whether it’s a necklace, earrings, rings or even a pendant. Browse through our range and find one that not just speaks to you, but is a reflection of you as well.

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