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OROAREZZO inaugurated, creative and technological manufacture on display

May 11 saw the opening of the 43rd edition of Oroarezzo, the IEG - Italian Exhibition Group event specifically for Made in Italy production and technology at the service of the gold and jewellery sector. Until Tuesday 14th May, in the halls of Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, a complete offer from gold and silver manufacturing to jewellery production and innovative machinery, reflecting Italian creativity and know-how. Responsible sourcing and jewellery design also in the spotlight for an event that welcomes 400 hosted buyers from 60 foreign countries.


In his opening greeting, Maurizio Renzo Ermeti , President of Italian Exhibition Group, emphasised that «Oroarezzo is held in the heart of Italy's most important gold and jewellery export district and is a showcase of the workmanship that only Made in Italy knows how to achieve with unparalleled creativity and the most advanced technologies. The evolution of Oroarezzo, which we have shared since last year with the stakeholders in the area, is beginning to yield results: the number of exhibitors is growing, we are almost at 400, and the number of countries from which our hosted buyers come is increasing: over 60. We have also opened up to the world of fashion with big brands for such a unique event as “Precious Fashion”. We are involving young people to give generational change to the sector with Career Day. In short, the conditions for excellent business are all there».


«The appointment with Oroarezzo, which has historically been held here at Arezzo Fiere» pointed out Ferrer Vannetti , President of Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, «is always a decisive moment within the annual trade show itinerary to which we are proud to provide an increasingly more suitable venue. In solid collaboration with IEG’s admirable organisation, the gold and jewellery show already benefited from the infrastructural adjustments. For us, this has meant making important investments over time and has confirmed our awareness of where we want to go: we aim to promote extreme functionality and absolute relaunch of the facility. We are planning new events and a new phase of trade show development».


Arezzo Mayor Alessandro Ghinelli said: «The appointment with Oroarezzo confirms the importance of an identifying sector for our territory, where gold and its workmanship delve their roots in the city's most ancient history to the point of decisively characterising its present economy and development. At the same time, Oroarezzo is consolidating its position as a reference point for the sector on both a national and international level by offering the excellence of Made in Italy jewellery and goldsmithing, a vital and dynamic sector in which design and quality are combined with innovation and sustainability, fundamental features for market resilience. The city is ready to host operators, buyers and visitors and to serve as an equally precious backdrop to the event».



«The gold district of Arezzo» said Alessandro Polcrì , President of the Province of Arezzo, «is a driving force for the provincial economy and boasts a solid tradition. A living fabric that has been able to keep up with the times, showing, in recent years, a good ability to respond to the various crises, including those related to international conflicts. This is a strategic area, not only for the economy of the Province, but also for the whole country, which is registering a growth trend that is the result of investments in innovation and processes. The Province of Arezzo supports our jewellery companies through a synergy with the worlds of education and employment in order to train specialised figures to make the sector increasingly avant-garde and to encourage generational change».


«The 2024 edition confirms the relevance of Oroarezzo in the international gold and jewellery exhibition calendar» said Massimo Guasconi , President of the Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce. «An event capable of attracting hundreds of companies and, above all, a consistent selection of the most qualified international buyers. The hope is that, despite the difficult geopolitical context and the consequent trade tensions, the positive trend that has characterised our jewellery in recent years can be confirmed. Heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed to organising the event, starting with IEG, the most important company in the Italian trade show sector».


«Our sector needs peacetime» said Mauro Benvenuto, president of the Provincial Council of Arezzo Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. «Escalating wars lead to price swings in raw materials and consequently to concerns for companies. We are entrepreneurs and are therefore confident that it will be an excellent trade show. IEG has done an excellent job for Oroarezzo. In these four days we will understand how the market has reacted to the recent raw material price fluctuations and whether the increases will be absorbed».


«The partnership with IEG» said Matteo Masini , Italian Trade Agency Consumer Goods Office manager, «is one that leads us to promote Italian events and companies in Italy and abroad. The number of buyers hosted for this edition of Oroarezzo has been mentioned, part of which is due to investing our promotional resources and the work of our offices. Which then translates into opportunities for companies to reach markets that are not always easily accessible. Speaking of the gold and jewellery sector, by way of example, we already have more than double the participation of Italian companies than expected for the SIJE trade show in Singapore. We have accompanied the resumption of connections between companies and foreign markets, the development of Oroarezzo is one such occasion».


«The goldsmith district of Arezzo closed an extremely brilliant year» said Hon. Tiziana Nisini, Vice President of the 11th Public and Private Employment Commission. «Exports saw a growth of 9.4%, which not only allowed it to be on a par with the other two districts, but also to surpass them. Oroarezzo is not just a moment to take stock of undoubtedly good data but also to attract additional markets at a time when wars are threatening to block some of the traditional ones. Our entrepreneurs are undoubtedly dynamic and have been able to resist and overcome the various crises that have followed one after another, also providing answers in terms of employment. Standing by them and providing answers, especially in regard to training and school-to-work initiatives, can and must be the mission of local administrators and politicians».


«Once again this year, Oroarezzo is offering an excellent visibility opportunity for high-end Tuscan goldsmithing, a strategic sector for the economy of the province of Arezzo and for the entire region», declared Leonardo Marras , Tuscany Regional Councillor for the Economy, Productive Activities, Credit Policies and Tourism. «If the year 2023 closed positively for Tuscan exports, this is also due to the good performance on international jewellery markets, which was also affected by the growth in the value of gold. The Arezzo gold district thus confirms its position as one of the leading industrial realities in the sector and reinforces the positive trend of recent years. In this panorama, Oroarezzo consolidates its position as a reference point for the jewellery sector on a national and international level».


The afternoon saw a talk on responsible sourcing with the event “Responsible Sourcing, between opportunity and compliance” in cooperation with TCA SpA. Today, Sunday 12th May, the topic will be “Surface treatment for jewellery, gold and fashion accessories between tradition and innovation” (11 am, Events Area), in collaboration with A.I.F.M. – Italian Association of Metal Finishings. Also on the agenda, the importance of communication in jewellery with the talk “If communication is a luxury” (2 pm, Events Area), and the role of the sales outlet in the talk “If jewellery stores no longer existed” (3 pm, Events Area): both events are organised in collaboration with Federpreziosi Confcommercio. The spotlight will then be on design with the Première Competition award ceremony (5.45 pm, Events Area) for the best Italian manufacture. Theme of the 2024 edition: “Love and Beauty”.

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