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Inspired by the beautifully patterned Malachite gemstone, the earliest ore of copper, Tamra is eccentric, contemporary, and distinctively classy. Paksha By Tarinika Introduces it’s all-new and finest range “Malachite.”

Malachite, one of the most beautiful healing gemstones present on the face of earth. Its enchanting green colour takes the credit for its name “Malachite” coming from the Latin terminology meaning soft green and the reference to the mallow plant for its alluring colour. This stone has captured the imagination of many cultures for centuries, with its concentric, eye-like rings of green that mimic the eye of a peacock feather, and has been described by poets as spring grass swaying in the wind. Malachite's luxuriant, swirling patterns have indelible light and dark green marbling. This stone's stunning beauty has come to represent sensuality and beauty.

Bring in your inner goodness with Paksha’s inspiring combination of Malachite gemstone with Handcrafted 925 hallmark silver and gold finish. This collection consists of Earrings, drops, bracelets & necklaces to match your everyday style and compliments with your outgoing plans too.

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