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Platinum Love Bands continues #CommitToLove journey, in partnership with Grazia

With the onset of the summer wedding season, Platinum Love Bands continues to champion its strategic content and influencer strategy, bringing alive its campaign idea of what it takes to #CommitToLove. In a holistic content partnership with the country’s leading lifestyle publisher, Grazia, Platinum Love Bands aims to amplify the brand’s progressive stance on love via influencers that are relevant in key markets.

The partnership includes a series of two video assets with South Indian celebrity couples, Tarini Kalingarayar and Kalidas Jayaram as well as Reba John and Joemon Joseph. Kalidas Jayaram is an award-winning actor with films in both Malalyalam and Tamil cinema and Tarini is a model & beauty pagent winner. Reba is an actress who has worked in Tamil and Malalyalam films and Joemon is a content creator.

From being each other’s biggest cheerleaders to supporting their partner’s dreams and ambitions; to taking that perfect picture for the gram and tolerating the other’s loud jamming sessions; these seemingly playful and yet profound gestures translate into what makes love truly rare & worth committing to. It’s only natural then that a metal as rare and precious as platinum mark a love this rare.

Each video opens with the couple sharing those endearing moments and gestures that have shaped the love language of their relationship. From hugs that feel like home to finding each other’s imperfections just perfect, these couples choose each other and their love every single day. The storytelling captures these meaningful reasons that have urged them to take that next step and commit to this love they share.

Tarini Kalingarayar and Kalidas Jayaram shared their thoughts on the videos as they stated, “We love how the video in collaboration with Platinum Love Bands, showcases our journey and captures those little moments that are extremely special and endearing. Ours is a love that’s one in kind & we feel blessed, nothing but Platinum Love Bands can mark a feeling so special & that is beautifully captured with this video.”

Reba John and Joemon Joseph also shared their excitement about the collaboration with some beautiful moments from the making of the video and stated, “It was a fun and exciting experience, that made us recall all those little moments and reasons that make us fall and stay in love with each other every day. Platinum Love Bands are a perfect marker of the love we share - rare and precious. They remain a constant and beautiful reminder of the reasons that led us to #CommitToLove.”

Speaking on these films, Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director, Platinum Guild International (PGI) - India said, “Collaborations and partnerships have become a key aspect of today’s marketing landscape. The curation of strategic partners and influencers becomes essential in order to elevate brand recall. Brands today don’t compete with each other but rather with everything in culture and that’s where influencer marketing & content is able to cut through with its perceived authenticity. For Platinum Love Bands in this case, they will help drive a regional connect & cultural relevance in key markets.”

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