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 Showcasing the uniqueness of Italian design in the China 

– Italian Trade Commission (ICE-Agenzia), in collaboration with  Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting the Independent Observatory of the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), presents "PRESERVATION" the Exhibition, inspired by The Jewellery Trendbook 2025+. 

The Italian Pavilion at 4th edition of China International Consumer Products Expo- Hainan Expo will  be organized by Italian Trade Commission (ICE-Agenzia) through the realization of a visionary  project that offers an immersive journey into Italian Design, highlighting the unparalleled blend of  tradition and innovation that defines Italian craftsmanship. This exhibition explores the essence of  Italian craftsmanship and technology.  

The project in collaboration with Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting the Independent Observatory  of IEG is themed 'PRESERVATION' that offers an experiential showcase designed to inspire future  trade shows and retailing. By blending Italian lifestyle with the essence of Luxury celebrates the  timeless values of Made in Italy, filtering cultural roots through a futurist vision to shape a legacy for  the future. Our goal is to leave behind a lasting legacy that transcends generations, inspiring  meaningful change and progress. 

The exhibition is articulated into four sections: People, Planet, Heritage, and Future Legacy,  showcasing 17 selected Italian Brands and highlighting the latest jewellery directions in design,  craftsmanship, and innovative technology. 

"PRESERVATION" – Italian Design meets China, forging connections and shaping the future of  luxury and tradition. 

PEOPLE In a world where cultures intersect and intertwine, jewellery stands as a beacon of unity,  transcending borders and languages. Beyond its aesthetic allure, jewelry serves as a profound  medium, a universal language that connects distant cultures through stylistic codes and unique  symbols. 

Jewellery also serves as a catalyst for innovation and fusion. This blending of styles gives rise to  innovative designs that honor traditions while embracing contemporaneity, fostering cultural  dialogue and understanding.  

PLANET The roots of human cultures are intrinsically connected to the natural environment that  surrounds us. The initial theme invites contemplation on the connection between the essence of the  earth and the history of cultures. Nature, with its organic essence, has been a fundamental part of  human life since our origins. A return to the roots is suggested, to a still primitive nature, to a time  when communities thrived in harmony with Mother Nature.


HERITAGE Italian craftsmanship plays a significant role in the context of our cultural heritage.  Italian jewellery is not just a showcase of high-quality craftsmanship; it carries with it the history and centuries-old tradition of our country. Jewellery crafted with meticulousness embodies Italian excellence in the art of goldsmithing. The scrupulous selection of materials, precision in details, and the fusion of traditional techniques with contemporary innovations give each piece of jewellery a unique character. Each object is not just an ornament but a container of history, culture, and identity. 

FUTURE LEGACY The concept of "Future Legacy" offers a fascinating perspective on the cultural  evolution of the future, imagining it not only as progress but as a convergence between present and  past cultures, serving as a bridge between generations and linking past cultural heritage to current  digital trends. 

Participant Partners: Amedeo Scognamiglio, Anna Porcu, Antonini Milano, Crivelli, Demeglio, Fratelli Bovo, Giovanni Ferraris, Gismondi1754, Inbili.Co, Jjewels Milano,  K Di Kuore, Le Sibille, Lisa O, Margherita Burgener, Roberto Coin, Superoro, Vendorafa. 

Renowned industry leader Paola De Luca, creative director, and co-founder of Trendvision Jewellery  + Forecasting, is set to deliver a captivating lecture on "Market Trends: Consumer Culture  Driving the Luxury Market", with a particular emphasis on women's leadership. Scheduled as part  of a full-day seminar on April 14th, the session (expected from 2:55 to 3:10 pm) promises valuable  insights into the evolving landscape of the luxury market and the influential role of consumer  behaviour. 

Hainan Expo is the most important exhibition for consumer products held in Hainan island, which  is one of the main tourist location in South China and aim to attract international tourist and  investments. The exhibition includes various sector with a main focus in jewelry and fashion.  The Hainan Expo has an important role for the implementation of Hainan Free Trade Port, and represent an occasion to meet the needs of the people and a platform for showcasing and trading global consumer products.  

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