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Rare "Eternal Pink" diamond expected to break auction records with over $35 million sale price

Rare diamond "The Eternal Pink" expected to fetch over $35 million at Sotheby's auction, potentially breaking records for the highest price per carat ever sold. The 10.57 carat cushion-cut diamond, mounted on a ring, is classified as "Fancy Vivid" and "Internally Flawless", with the highest possible ranking for the quality of colour and clarity, and is comparable to "ultimate masterpieces of art".

The diamond was mined by De Beers in Botswana and took six months for artisans at Diacore in New York to fashion it. The pink hue's origins are not fully understood by experts, contributing to its mystery and appeal. The Eternal Pink will be on display in Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Geneva before going up for sale on June 8 in New York.

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