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Reliance Jewels unveils jewellery collection inspired by India’s spring festivals

Reliance Jewels, known for its deep-rooted appreciation of India's rich cultural heritage, is excited to announce its latest collection as the auspicious spring season nears. This new range of jewellery celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of India’s spring harvest festivals.

Drawing inspiration from astrological mandala patterns, which hold significant importance during this period, the collection features stunning sets of earrings and necklaces. Crafted from pure gold, these pieces are adorned with laser-cut designs that beautifully encapsulate celestial motifs of stars, cosmos, and planets, embodying the essence of movement and transition intrinsic to these festivals.

Across India, spring festivals are celebrated with unique customs, reflecting the country's unity in diversity. From the bonfires of Lohri in the North and the kite-flying of Uttarayan in the West to the harvest festivities of Magh Bihu in the East and the Pongal celebrations in the South, each region brings its own flavour to this joyous time of year.

Emphasizing the harmony between tradition and contemporary design, Reliance Jewels' latest collection offers an artistic blend of India's varied cultural tapestries. The brand invites its patrons to commemorate these festive moments with their exclusive collection, now available in all stores and on their website.

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