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Responsible sourcing lies at the heart of Botswanamark™

Following the path blazed by Canadamark and Forevermark—both of which came with provenance assurances—Former De Beers executive Nicholas Moltke has founded Botswanamark, a company featuring gems from the “poster child” for how diamonds can contribute to economic development. The new brand will initially be sold in three stores run by International Diamond Center (IDC), a 12-store chain based out of Clearwater, Fla.

Brian Stamey, IDC’s vice president of marketing and operations, got excited about this concept while seeing the impact of diamonds on a trip to Africa. But he also had a more practical reason for wanting a certified-origin brand. With Russian supply being closed off to this market, it allows us to have a direct source,” he says.

Botswanamark™ diamonds begin their journey as rough stones, mined by Debswana in Botswana (an ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company), originating either from the Jwaneng, Orapa or Letlhakane mine. All Botswanamark™ diamonds are sourced directly from the Okavango Diamond Trading Company in Gaborone. This is confirmed by our own due diligence, which includes on-site visits to the mines of origin in Botswana as well as the facilities operated by our other supply chain partner.

Responsible sourcing lies at the heart of diamond provenance programme Botswanamark™, which provides a fully transparent route from the source to the end customer. The responsible sourcing activities focus on ensuring that Botswanamark™ diamonds are produced in a way that is respectful to people and the planet.

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