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Russia to continue exporting diamonds; will redirect sales to other regions

Russia says it will carry on exporting diamonds, regardless of the G7 sanctions that came into force 1 Jan 2024.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, on a visit to Beijing, told the news agency Tass: "All these restrictions introduced (by Western countries), they affect not only us alone but also those who introduced them. "Exports of diamonds will continue. We will simply redirect sales to other regions. I'm sure this won't benefit those who introduced these sanctions."

Last month Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov warned of a "boomerang effect" claiming they would harms the G7 countries that imposed them more than Russia itself.

Russia's foreign ministry has said it will respond to the sanctions - which it called "unfriendly, illegitimate actions" - by banning more European institutions and EU member states from entering the country.

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