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Senco unveils AI-powered personalised prayer initiative for Goddess Lakshmi devotees this Diwali

Senco Gold & Diamonds, India’s leading jewellery retailer having a legacy of over 80 years and with a national footprint of 150+ showrooms, announced the launch of a pioneering AI-powered initiative for Diwali 2023 in partnership with Mindshare India and the cutting-edge voice AI firm, HiVoco Content Tech Studios.

As part of this ground-breaking initiative, participants have the opportunity to receive a personalized prayer video seeking divine blessings from Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity during Diwali. And keeping with the tradition of purchasing gold during the auspicious days of Dhanteras and Diwali, there is also an opportunity to win a coveted Gold Coin from Senco Gold & Diamonds for people who are participating.

To participate, one simply needs to register on the website by providing their name and email address. Upon completing the registration, the personalized prayer video by Acharya Shastri of Laxminarayan Mandir, Delhi shall be delivered to the participant's email.

Suvankar Sen, MD and CEO, Senco Gold & Diamonds, said, "Senco Gold & Diamonds is at the forefront of marrying tradition with technology. We’re taking a significant leap this festive season to connect with our audience by personalizing their experience with innovative AI solutions."

Celebrating the traditional act of prayer and offering during Diwali, users receive personalized prayers for Goddess Lakshmi through synthetic voice videos crafted using their names and personalized Golden Cards are created for each participant as well.

Pritesh Chothani, CEO, HiVoco, highlighted the transformative power of AI in marketing, stating, "Generative AI is revolutionizing how brands like Senco Gold & Diamonds interact with customers. Our collaboration for this Diwali campaign epitomizes how AI can cater to the individual at scale, making meaningful moments of engagement.

This innovative campaign not only underscores Senco Gold & Diamonds’ commitment to innovation but also showcases the immense potential of generative AI in revolutionizing customer-brand interactions. It stands as a testament to how modern technology can be harnessed to provide a personalized touch to festive traditions.”

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