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Signet, De Beers join forces to sell natural diamonds to American couples

Signet Jewelers and De Beers announced a collaboration to share the unique attributes of natural diamonds with a new generation of US couples, ahead of an expected 25% increase in engagements over the next three years.

The world’s largest jewelry retailer, Signet Jewelers, famed for its Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared, Diamonds Direct and Blue Nile brands, and De Beers, the world’s leading diamond company, have announced the first-of-its-kind marketing collaboration to propel demand for natural diamonds.

The partnership will give De Beers a deeper understanding of consumers as they make a decision between jewelry set with natural stones or lower-cost lab-grown diamond substitutes.And Signet will do the heavy-lifting on the retail side to enhance the perceived value of natural diamond jewelry, even as it continues to offer lab-grown diamonds side-by-side.

Signet’s proprietary research indicates that there will be an upswing in proposals and engagements amongst U.S. Zillennials over the next 36 months, following a recent lull due to a lack of couples forming during the pandemic. The engagement uptick is expected to be driven by couples from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and the LGBTQIA+ community.

To support consumer marketing activities, training will be provided to Signet’s 20,000 sales associates to help educate their customers on natural diamonds’ unique attributes, including their enduring emotional and financial value and the enormous socioeconomic benefits natural diamonds help deliver for the people and places where they are discovered. Natural diamond visual merchandising will also be revamped and refreshed within Signet’s banners to appeal to pre-engagement consumers.

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