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Silver jewellery in the spotlight at JCK Show

Sterling silver has been on the upswing for the past couple of years, and 2023 should be no exception. The metal, which can carry a wide range of price points, marks a departure from the long-reigning yellow gold but also offers something a hefty gold piece can’t—a big look at an approachable price.

Consumers are seeking more statement-making jewels—a genre that was all but forgotten in the sweatsuit-soaked days of 2020. Smart shoppers want jewels that will stand the test of time without breaking the bank, and sterling silver often allows for that.

Yellow gold is still important: Shoppers aren’t done collecting everyday jewels in the metal. With two-tone silver styles, they can wear both yellow gold and sterling silver simultaneously—the best of both worlds.

Below are some of the latest sterling silver pieces (many of them two-tone) to scout on the floor of the JCK show in Las Vegas this year.


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