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Skydiamond plans to appeal ASA ruling

Dale Vince,founder of British lab grown company Skydiamond says he plans to appeal, after advertising watchdogs insisted he must use terms such as such as "synthetic", "laboratory-grown" or "laboratory-created" to describe his products.

He says he produces "the world's first and only diamond made entirely from the sky" - using the sun, the wind, rain and atmospheric carbon - and any variant of "lab grown" would therefore be inaccurate.

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled against Skydiamond in April, following a complaint from the Natural Diamond Council (NDC).

"We are disappointed with the way the ASA even began this," Vince said. "It was clearly a competitor complaint and there is a different process for that."He said Skydiamond would be appealing the ASA decision and was ultimately prepared to seek judicial review - challenging the way the ASA had exercised its powers as a public body.

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