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Sonam Kapoor unveils Zoya’s 'Her Becoming' collection

'Her Becoming' reimagines white diamonds with brilliant geometry: Sonam Kapoor

Zoya from the House of Tata unveils ‘Her Becoming’, a collection of rare jewels in white diamonds that translate the iconic geometry of ancient Ikat into wearable art. The design direction imbues meaning into every piece, celebrating the Zoya woman as she truly and completely comes alive, the ultimate auteur of her life. The collection was launched by CEO of Titan’s jewellery division, Ajoy Chawla and Zoya’s brand ambassador, Sonam Kapoor.

‘Her Becoming’ marks a creative milestone for the maison. Its aesthetic prowess is reflected in a medley of unexpected diamond shapes that set this collection apart; rare Cadillac, trapezoid, and custom cut baguette diamonds are carved out from the rough with virtuosity, teasing out their fiery lustre and astonishing luminosity. Meticulous attention to the setting of these rare stones creates a strong accord in the seamless flow of shape and colour, presenting a breathtaking collection of fresh, contemporary classics.

"Zoya has always led design innovation when it comes to fine jewellery. Her Becoming is a remarkably unique look for white diamond jewellery, not just in India but globally. As a proudly Indian brand, Zoya is happy to share this breakthrough collection, which is a testament to the country’s rich legacy of jewellery making and translates a traditional Indian inspiration into timeless designs with global appeal,” states Ajoy Chawla.

Skilful artistry lends dimensional layers to the collection’s statement pieces that have been lovingly crafted over more than a year. Zoya’s Her Becoming presents chic interpretations of traditional silhouettes; Classic Indian styles are reimagined with contemporary sophistication, embracing a modern vision. Detachable elements enhance the collection’s versatility, as a layered necklace transforms into a striking head ornament, and chokers effortlessly become statement bracelets.

“Zoya’s 'Her Becoming' reimagines white diamonds with brilliant geometry. It is a testament to the brand’s savoir faire and artisanal fortitude,” says Sonam Kapoor. “The collection’s international design language pushes the boundaries of creation and you see the symphony of emotions in every piece. I personally love the very meaningful narrative of a woman coming alive with a celebration of her every facet.”

Communicating vision and inspiration, Her Becoming is a timeless classic that underscores Zoya’s commitment to redefining the way fine jewellery is experienced in India with meaningful pieces of wearable art and an experience of warm luxury.

Sonam wears Zoya’s "A Radiant Revelation”: Over 500 natural diamonds cascade to an alluring ruby centrepiece in a beacon of captivating brilliance. The diamond-studded rhombus, laced at the tips with black frames, is inspired by intricate Ikat designs, a nod to the myriad threads of her singular story. Each detail stands distinct, featuring trapezoid, baguette, and marquise diamonds , articulating the essence of its Ikat inspiration. Delicate black rhodium edges add depth, while the precise cuts enhance its sophistication. Draping effortlessly, it’s more than a necklace; it's an embodiment of her myriad facets.

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