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Swissmint created the world’s smallest gold coin; it comes with a magnifying glass

Bigger isn’t often better. In fact, one Switzerland-based mint might argue that good things come in small packages.

For Swissmint, really, really small packages. Swissmint announced Thursday that it has created the world’s smallest gold coin. The one-quarter-franc coin measures only 2.96 millimeters and weighs less than one gram. To put the coin’s size into perspective, it’s smaller than a match head.

“Swissmint wanted to push boundaries, stretch the limits of technology and achieve something unique,” the company said in a press release.

The coin is so small that the image on the face can’t be discerned with the naked eye. “So Swissmint has commissioned special packaging complete with magnifying lenses and light, ensuring that you can examine the smallest gold coin while still keeping it safely stored,” the company said.

With the help of the special magnifying glass, the obvers features a cheeky image of Albert Einstein, sticking out his tongue.

“From 1895 to 1914, Einstein lived mainly in Switzerland, where he also completed his studies in 1900, at today's ETH in Zurich. In 1901, he was granted Swiss citizenship and in 1902 he found permanent employment as a technical expert in the Patents Office in Bern,” the mint said.

The coin is 999.9 pure gold and only 999 have been minted. For comparison the world’s largest gold coin was created by the Perth Mint. It weighs one tonne and is worth about $50 million.

Courtesy - Kitco



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