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Taco Bell Canada unveils LGD made from taco shells

Taco Bell Canada, the iconic Mexican-inspired restaurant chain known for its cheesiness, spiciness and most of all, messiness, is unveiling its biggest crown jewel yet – four 1-carat diamonds made from taco shells. Lab-grown in a process that took more than 12 months at a top-secret, undisclosed location, the diamonds serve as an ode to the perfectly imperfect nature of taco.

Diamonds are forever, and so are friends. Celebrate your extraordinary bffs with Taco Diamond best friend necklaces," it says in an Instagram ad promoting the contest to customers in Canada."We took our beloved taco shells and turned them into uncut diamonds for you to rock."

There are two pairs of necklaces up for grabs, in a contest that closes on 8 December. Each pair is valued by the company at just under US$15,000 (CAN$20,000). It did not provide 4C details or any information on how the diamonds were grown.

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