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Tanishq: Unveil timeless romance this Valentine's Day

With the season of love just around the corner, Tanishq dwells into mesmerizing world of diamonds, celebrating eternal love and timeless romance on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

At Tanishq, each piece is crafted with precision to reflect the brilliance and sparkle of everlasting love. Tanishq offers a stunning array of sparkling diamonds, a girl's forever best friend, complemented by classic and evergreen heart-shaped designs, along with an exquisite selection of diamond rings, earrings, and pendants, a symbol of thoughtful gifts that displays affection.

Garima Maheshwari, Head of Design, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd speaking on this collection, said “With the season of love around the corner, indulge in the mesmerizing world of diamonds with Tanishq this Valentine's season, where each piece reflects the brilliance and shine of eternal love.

Fresh interpretations of heart stylized hearts a perennial symbol of love takes centre stage accented with sparkling diamonds! Unique designs with infinity symbols, floral inspirations, and coloured gemstones with tones of warm yellow and blushed rose gold are in vogue too. Diamond rings, earrings and pendants make for some of the most thoughtful & cherished gifts this season.

We are also observing the trend of personalized elegance, where customized pieces, engraved with initials, messages, dates, or special locations, become cherished treasures. This Valentine’s, celebrate love with Tanishq, where every piece is a celebration of timeless romance.”



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