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Tarinika launches Victorian Collection

Tarinika, an eminent name synonymous with crafting exquisite jewellery pieces, proudly introduces its latest masterpiece—the Victorian Collection.

This exceptional collection pays a respectful homage to India's opulent heritage jewellery. Each piece is meticulously designed, capturing the intricate beauty of traditional jewelry. Semi-precious polkis take center stage, radiating an aura of tradition and allure. The collection's intricate temple motifs pay tribute to India's architectural marvels, while semi-precious pearls and beads add a touch of sophistication. The collection truly embodies timeless elegance with each of its pieces.

The Victorian Collection boasts a diverse range of jewelry items, catering to a variety of tastes. From intricate earrings that frame the face beautifully to elaborate necklaces that command attention, from pendants that exude luxury to wrist wear that adds a touch of grace to every movement, and from rings that epitomize timeless elegance—the collection is a celebration of heritage and artistry. Whether it's a grand wedding or a glamorous evening affair, the Victorian Collection adds an unparalleled touch of magnificence. The jewelry complements your attire, making you feel like royalty with its blend of tradition and modern sophistication. Each piece tells a story, encapsulating the enduring beauty of heritage jewelry.

Sunaina Ramisetty, Founder says, "The Victorian Collection is a labor of love that seamlessly weaves together the grandeur of India's rich heritage with the allure of vintage aesthetics. Each piece is a testament to the skill of our artisans, who have meticulously brought these designs to life. With the Victorian finish, we have added a touch of nostalgia that makes these pieces truly exceptional. This collection is a tribute to the timeless beauty of heritage jewelry, and we are thrilled to share it with the world."

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