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Thailand Gems & Jewellery Fair is being launched by TGJTA

The Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association (TGJTA) is launching “Thailand Gems & Jewellery Fair 2022” on September 1–4, 2022 at 7th floor, ICONSIAM.

It is the first gems and jewellery trade fair to be held in 2022 to provide entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow their gems and jewellery business domestically and internationally.

The event also aims to stabilize the future of Thailand’s gems and jewellery industry as well as optimise the country’s soft power as the craftsmanship is fundamentally an inherent profession and unique identity of Thais.

The Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association expects Thailand to be one of the world’s top sourcing destinations among global gems and jewellery traders thanks to the potential of Thais and the existing ecosystem.

Porntiva Niparin, president of the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association, said “The Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association has around 2,000 member companies. It is the most established association with the largest number of juristic person members in Asean".

The association originated from a collaboration between relevant stakeholders in the industry, including traders, entrepreneurs, jewellery makers and gem artisans, totalling around one million people.

They have shared commitment and determination to achieve exponential growth in gems and jewellery businesses throughout the supply chain over the past 60 years. The association gives priority to localizing business strategies and development adjustments to align with evolving technologies.

" We set an ambitious target to move forward Thailand to become the most advocated sourcing destination in the global gems and jewellery industry so that Thailand will become the top-of-mind, preferred gems and jewellery sourcing destination in terms of both investment, manufacturing hub, gems and jewellery business opportunity marketplace, " she added.

At this year’s event, visitors and participants will meet a host of international gems and jewellery manufacturers and gemstones suppliers and a wide range of premium gems and jewellery products that are created to meet diverse individual preferences such as colour stones or coloured gemstones, diamonds, gold and silver ornaments for wedding, auspicious occasions, daily wear or even for investment.

The event also features handicrafts and gemstone machinery and jewellery-making tools as well as a variety of packaging for a comprehensive ecosystem in manufacturing, sales and distribution of gems and jewellery products.

All gems and jewellery manufacturers who exhibit their products at the event are certified by the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association, so customers are assured to enjoy spending on quality gems and jewellery products with confidence.

Thailand Gems & Jewellery Fair 2022 is the first gems and jewellery trade fair of the year. It will be carried out in a hybrid show format through the use of modern technology to enhance an immersive experience at the traditional trade fair.

The conventional trade fair is still maintained because a quality appraisal and analysis need to see the actual gems and jewellery products before making a business deal. The advantage of modern technology will serve as a bridge to connect manufacturers with traders and investors as it is a key factor to create an integrated Omni Channel to achieve the goal of sourcing destination development.

It is also an ambition of the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association to create a more secure future for Thailand as Thais can sustainably grow their intrinsically indigenous profession as Thailand still has the potential and existing ecosystem for further development.

There are two main target customer groups: Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C).

In addition, the event is in collaboration with organizations in the public and private sectors including the Gems Jewellery and Precious Metal Confederation of Thailand (GJPCT), the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Police and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

In addition, there are special sub-events and activities to promote facilities and infrastructure development in the gems and jewellery industry as well as an activity to promote the use of reference values of diamonds in order to standardize and expand the domestic diamond market. Visitors to the event will receive a precious birthstone in order to create an impression among visitors for having a coloured gemstone meticulously produced by intricate Thai craftsmanship as Thais are the world’s top gemstone manufacturers. All visitors also stand a chance to win a two-tier prizes giveaway. First, visitors who make an advance registration will receive a birthstone and are eligible for participating in activities held at the event. Second, visitors are entitled to win two diamond rings and an iPhone 14 model.

The event is part of the future where all Thais can jointly build together. It is a sustainable future where Thais prosper with a potential industry using their own innovative craftsmanship.

Source: Nation Thailand



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